Lync chat, voice, video, screen sharing, file transfer

Fisil provides Lync software and outsourcing services, primarily in mobile phone and communications software. We deliver the highest quality products and services to our clients.

Lync on Linux! Deep experience in Lync, file sharing (Dropbox, Azure, etc.), Android, iPhone.

Custom library with rich API on Android. We can do the same on iOS and Linux.

Tired of the crappy MS Lync Mac client? We can port our library to Mac for a big customer.

Our portable sip core means bug fixes on 1 OS benefit all our builds. One for all, and all for one!

Our major benefits over MS clients:

Lync Linux client. We can customize for you. API. Mobile clients do not need special server config. That’s right, server admins don’t enable mobile Lync? Just use Wync! 3 out of 4 sysads recommend Wync

We are actively developing ALL major Lync features on all our clients. If your company gives us 3 test Lync logins, we can test all features in your environment, and fix any bugs that appear. Need security? We can build a secure client with end to end encryption on Linux. Fisil’s best work is in areas Microsoft will not deliver:

Lync Linux, API library, secure communications.


Cross-platform code is easy to maintain.
Lync customized to your need.


Chat, VoIP, File transfer,
Screen sharing!


VoIP, video, chat
(Wync on App Store)


VoIP, chat
(Wync on Google Play)

Fisil's Lync clients are used at

REAL ITUNES REVIEW! "This may not be the best app ever developed, but compared to the crappy stuff Microsoft developed this is the best thing ever existed. If Microsoft is smart enough they should just buy the company."

Sexy Lync clients video.

Lync Volan

When MS branded Lync, the idea was to “link everything together” (well, everything but evil Linux).

But years before Lync was branded in Redmond, Lync Volan was boldly fighting as one of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers, a Japanese-Canadian anime.


Lync Volan (or as the Japanese say, “Rinku Boran”) was part of the Vexos organization. He’s a showoff, and thinks he can beat anyone, any time. He betrayed the Vexos, because he realized how evil Hydron and King Zenoheld were. Lync was often paired with Volt Luster for battles against the Bakugan Battle Brawler Resistance.

Now you know.